Tofu Scramble

Hello friends! Today I will share with you my family and friends favorite brunch item that I make! TOFU SCRAMBLE! I know it’s relatively easy to make and everyone has their own versions BUT, I promise that y’all will love this version and it’ll make an appearance on all of your favorite brunches! This tofu… Continue reading →

Thicc Double Chocolate Cookies

Hello friends! When you are craving an easy, chocolatey, gooey, flavah packed cookie, you HAVE to try this one. If you have someone you are cooking for this Valentine’s Day (read: make these for YOURSELF) I recommend making these as they are always a crowd pleaser! ENJOY these nomsss ❀ Ingredients: 3/4 cup melted ghee… Continue reading →

Ghee Brownies

Hello friends! Today the roomie and I made the BEST brownies ever. These are dense, fudge, and INSANELY CHOCOLATEY. We have put chocolate inside the batter, within the batter, and ON TOP of the brownies. How could you ever go wrong?! As a place these are gluten free and eggless (vegan friendly). PLEASE MAKE THESE… Continue reading →

Southwestern Quinoa bake

Howdy y’all! Our family, loves an easy weeknight recipe. This recipe is hearty, nutritious, and delicious!! It’s the ideal recipe for a cold winter dinner! As you can see doggo loves it too. πŸ™‚ Ingredients: 2.5 cups cooked quinoa 2 tbspns neutral oil 1 sliced orange bell pepper 1 sliced poblano pepper 1/2 cup chopped… Continue reading →

Rice Krispy Treats

Hello friends! Today we bring to you a treat I recently mastered! RICE KRISPY treats. I used to love eating these when I was younger until I found out that my beloved favorites had gelatin in it and was not vegetarian. ALAS now my family and I can rejoice. Below you’ll see I made two… Continue reading →

Baked Vodka Sauce Pasta

Hello friends! I don’t make pasta often but when I do, I ALWAYS make vodka sauce to put on the pasta. It’s my favorite SAUCE and tastes so good with pasta and roasted vegetables as you’ll see in the recipe below. Hope y’all enjoy the pasta πŸ™‚ Ingredients: 2 tbspns olive oil 1.5 cup chopped… Continue reading →

Pecan Pie

Y’all I made PEKAN PIE (insert southern accent here). I won’t be posting to the instagram because honestly, I suck at taking pictures of my food and I have no patience. BUT I promise y’all (channeling my inner southern auntie) that this pecan pie is amazing and delicious and of course “slightly” healthier because it… Continue reading →

Apple Cinammon Rolls

Howdy YALL! Today we bring to you these amazing, soft, gooey rolls! These rolls have my amazing apple pie filling in them and a cream cheese frosting on top. I personally consider these are healthy because they are whole wheat right? If you’d like to veganize this recipe all you have to do is use… Continue reading →

Cream Cheese Frosting

Hello Friends! Hope y’all are doing well! This past weekend I baked the best cupcakes ever! I used my chocolate ganache cake recipe and stuffed the cupcakes with ganache filling! Let it set and added this amazing, light, fluffy, cream cheese frosting on top! Hope y’all enjoy the frosting! PS: You don’t even need to… Continue reading →

Cake Mix Recipes

Hello friends! This will be an ongoing post about my tips and tricks with Cake Mix and how to make easier “homemade” baked goods for your friends and family with the most versatile grocery store staple CAKE MIX! Remember the point of using a mix is to inspire creativity. It’s very difficult to mix cake… Continue reading →

Vegan Pumpkin chocolate Chip Muffins

Hello friends! Here we are back again with another PUMPKIN recipe. I’ve been trying to cling onto fall vibes, ever since Starbucks released their Holiday Flavors. Can y’all believe this year is almost over? Hope y’all enjoy these amazing pumpkins, and feel the nostalgia I felt while eating them! This recipe makes about 2 dozen… Continue reading →

Turmeric Burger Buns

Hello friends! During quarantine times, I’ve gotten a *bit* more comfortable with my old foe YEAST. The other day when making the tandoori tofu tikkis, I wanted to complete the meal with some AMAZING BUNS. I wanted something that’d compliment the flavors of the tikkis and I came up with these. Hope y’all enjoy! This… Continue reading →


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