Restaurant Review: DAMA Ethiopian DC

Hello friends! Last week I tried a restaurant I’ve been DYING to try. I’ve read all their reviews and was very excited due to their amazing vegetarian and vegan options. On my recent trip I had vegan tibs (which were amazing and made in house (similar to a seitan meat replacement)!), shiro, injera bread, and some Ethiopian hot sauce. Y’all everything was so delicious and fresh. It’s a flavor profile I don’t even know how to describe. Everything was well spiced. I got the vegan tibs combo which is more than enough food for 2 people. The dessert shown above is the VEGAN coffee cake which was DELICIOUS that I didn’t wanna share. If y’all are in the DC area and want veg-friendly Ethiopian food definitely check this place out! I look forward to trying out the vegetarian combo next time!