Restaurant Review: CURRY & PIE DC

Hello friends! Hope LEO season is going well for y’all! Wanted to tell you guys about my FAVORITE DC restaurant Curry and Pie. It’s an Indian restaurant that specializes in some amazing Indian Fusion dishes such as the Saag Paneer Pizza, the Paneer Tikka Pizza, and the MOUTHWATERING French fry chaat (a MUST try). Please go shed this amazing small business some love it’s the best!

Restaurant Review: DAMA Ethiopian DC

Hello friends! Last week I tried a restaurant I’ve been DYING to try. I’ve read all their reviews and was very excited due to their amazing vegetarian and vegan options. On my recent trip I had vegan tibs (which were amazing and made in house (similar to a seitan meat replacement)!), shiro, injera bread, and some Ethiopian hot sauce. Y’all everything was so delicious and fresh. It’s a flavor profile I don’t even know how to describe. Everything was well spiced. I got the vegan tibs combo which is more than enough food for 2 people. The dessert shown above is the VEGAN coffee cake which was DELICIOUS that I didn’t wanna share. If y’all are in the DC area and want veg-friendly Ethiopian food definitely check this place out! I look forward to trying out the vegetarian combo next time!

Restaurant Review: TAIM-DC

Namaste friends! Today I’d like to introduce y’all to my favorite falafel restaurant in the US, TAIM. Taim is a vegetarian restaurant and is 95% vegan. Taim literally means tasty in Hebrew and this holds true with EVERYTHING on the menu. Taim has the BEST falafel. The first time I had these was while I was interning in the best city ever (NYC) and I was HOOKED. Once I found they had another location in DC it was a game changer (I almost cried out of happiness). THESE ARE AMAZING. So flavorful, so crispy on the outside. I love the green falafel but everything at TAIM is AMAZING. I’ve gotten so many friends and family hooked on this place y’all GOTTA try it out if y’all are in NYC and DC area. If you’re going by yourself I’d personally recommend the GREEN falafel sandwich with ALL the s’rug sauce however, if you’re going with a group you must also try the Cauliflower Shawarma, their famous fries, hummus, and basically everything on the menu haha. If y’all give this place a try you should let me know what you think in the comments!

PS: Sorry the photo is a bit of a BEAUTIFUL, delicious mess. I was too distracted by the FLAVOR and all the S’RUG SAUCE 😉